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I am not religious.  I respect you for having your beliefs.  I can not, however, respect your beliefs.  I find them to be ridiculous and false.  That does not mean that I hate you or your beliefs.  I simply do not agree with them.  I do not hate you for your beliefs, but I will hate you for trying to push them on me or using them in a logical argument against me.

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Time for a history lesson, kids!


Around 325 CE (or AD, if you prefer) the Roman emperor Costantine I, known as the first ruler to ever use Christianity as a tool to rule over people (err…I mean, unite people), convened the First Council of Nicaea. He felt that the Torah (Hebrew word for Law) was outdated and too hard for people to follow conveniently.

So he got together a bunch of his friends (roughly 1800 bishops) to decide exactly what people should believe when it comes to things like Jesus’ divinity, when Easter happened, and things like that. Up until that point, the stories of Jesus and the claims of his divinity were pretty scattered throughout Rome and were pretty inconsistent. 

Biblical canon, that is which books were ok for people to read as far as Jesus was concerned, took centuries to establish because they had to go through the literally hundreds of books written after 35 CE (written in almost entirely in Greek, but this will become important later) and pick which ones they felt would be easy to follow and fit with their view of what Christianity should be like. They also had to decide which books of the Jewish faith (written in Aramaic and Hebrew) would be included in the Old Testament. This happened between the mid-1500s and the mid-1600s. Granted, people had been using various books throughout history, these people just decided which ones were official. (The book of Revelations, for example, wasn’t accepted until the fifth century.) 

Flash forward to 1869. A Hungarian doctor named Karoly Maria Benkert coined the phrase homosexual. Up until that point, there was no word for it. In Greek, it fell under aphrodisia, which means love, because to the Greeks, it was all the same. 

Flash forward again! This time to 1946. The New Revised Standard version of the bible is first published and they throw the phrase “homosexual offenders” into 1 Corinthians chapter 6.

Now I’m not saying the bible condones homosexuality. In fact, the King James version of the same passage says the effeminate shall not be allowed into the kingdom of god, which I find humorous, but the fact that until the 1500s there was no official Christian bible and that in the last 100 years they added the word homosexual to the bible, really bothers me.

I have zero problem with faith. I have faith in a lot of things. I have a problem with people using a book written in the Bronze Age, and pieced together over 1600 years to try and tell me (400 years later) how to live my life, how to treat other people and why certain other people aren’t entitled to the same rights that they expect to be given themselves.

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Atheist questionair

1. At what point did you know you were an atheist? Why did you become one, what were the factors leading up to the decision, if you weren’t always one?

I honestly don’t know when the moment happened, but many many years ago.  I’m a logical person and my family was never really religious.

2. What religion did you grow up with? Did you have positive or negative experiences with religion?

I guess I grew up agnostic?  We didn’t really do the religion thing.  My extended family is catholic and episcopalian.  But both of my parents just never cared.  We went to church with extended family for Easter and Christmas sometimes, and I went to a Christian summer camp three years in a row.  I guess I was fostered in an environment where it was up to me to decide.

3. Are you a more outspoken or more apathetic atheist? Why?

I have no qualms about telling people I am atheist.  I’m really quite open about that fact.  And I’ll argue with the oppressive person who is shoving religion down my throat, but most of my religious debates are with my family, who all think as I do.

4. Do you think religion is obsolete and should be wiped completely off the face of the Earth, or does some good come out of it?

There is good in religion.  I think the bad may outweigh that good in the long run, but religion gives people a reason to be good when they may not otherwise have one.  It also gives reasons to be terrible.

5. Did you lose any friends because you decided to be an atheist? Did your family flip out?

No one I know has really given me a hard time.  I’ve had some interesting arguments with an ex-boyfriend about religion.  He did not like that I was atheist at all, but it didn’t really matter to either of us.

6. How do you feel about so-called “militant atheists” such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris? 

It takes a lot of guts to speak out in a religion-run world, so I guess I would say I respect them.

7. Except for God, do you believe in anything supernatural or pseudoscientific? (Ghosts, alien abductions, spirits, souls, demons, psychics, magic, Harry Potter, etc.)

I consider myself an atheist pagan, so I pull some “supernatural” beliefs from the pagan belief system.  I think ghosts are a legitimate theory and that psychics, while often fraudulent, also exist.

8. What’s your political alignment? Does your atheism influence how you vote and how you feel on issues?

I’m libertarian.  I guess you could say that my religion influences that, but really, it doesn’t.  It shouldn’t anyway, religion has no place in government.

9. Even though you’re an atheist, have you ever experienced a moment that could be called “religious?” Like an epiphany about the world or complete peace?

Ummmm, I would have to say no, not really.  Never had any particularly “godly” experience.

10. Are you spiritual, or are your feet always on the ground?

I would say that I am spiritual.

11. Do you have/plan on having a career in the sciences? Alternatively: which branch of science intrigues you most?

I do plan on a career in the sciences, as a medical examiner.  So biological and forensic sciences intrigue me most.

12. What happens when we die? Do you fear death?

No, just no.  Nothing and no.

13. Would you ever date/marry somebody who follows a religion? Be honest.

I have and I would again.

14. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with life at this moment, and why?

Uh, 8 ish.  I’m just pleased with how my life is unfolding and progressing.

15. Recommend a book. (Doesn’t have to be relevant to atheism, just any good book.)

The Sword of Truth series, by Terry Goodkind

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